Inspire Me Bracelets Wholesale

Our goal is to share faith, hope, and love with thousands of people across the nation. Inspire Me Bracelets are made with beautiful natural gemstones and 100% nickel and lead free stainless steel bars with engraved messages. Join our mission of spreading the power of Inspiring Words. Our wholesale prices vary from 40% - 50% off our normal retail prices. Free Shipping Does Not Apply to Wholesale Orders. All of our bracelets are backed by our 6 month warranty. At any time if you want to exchange a size, stone or engraving, we will buy back your extra inventory in full! This gives our partners full confidence when ordering.

Inspire My Faith Collection

1. Be Anxious For Nothing Let Your Prayers Be Known
2. Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart
3. With God All Things Are Possible
4. Be Still And Know That I Am God
5. Be Strong And Know That I Am God
6. God Is Within Her She Will Not Fail
7. I Can Do All Things Through Christ
8. I Know The Plans I Have For You
9. If God Is For Me Who Can Be Against Me
10. Let All You Do Be Done In Love
11. Our Faith Can Move Mountains
12. Think On What Is Pure, Honest, Lovely, & Good
13. I Am With You Always
14. I Will Not Be Shaken

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Inspire My Family Collection

1. Daddy’s Little Girl
2. Forever Family
3. Forever Friends
4. Soul Sisters
5. Worlds Best Mom
6. You Are My Sunshine
7. Always And Forever
8. You’re My Person
9. I Love You To The Moon And Back
10. Believe In Yourself As Much As I Do
11. Always My Daughter, Forever My Friend
12. Always My Mother, Forever My Friend
13. Always My Son, Forever My Friend
14. Always My Sister, Forever My Friend
15. Forever Sisters

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Inspire My Mind Collection

1. Believe
2. Choose Joy
3. The Best Is Yet To Come
4. Enjoy The Journey
5. Fearless
6. Gratitude
7. Find The Blessing In Everything 
8. Kind Heart - Fierce Mind - Brave Spirit
9. Positive Mind - Positive Vibes - Positive Life
10. She Believed She Could So She Did
11. Be your Own Kind Of Beautiful
12. Beautiful Girl, You Were Made To Do Great Things
13. Your Are A Diamond Dear, They Can't Break You

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It is so rewarding to sell a product that produces so much passion in our customers, the bracelets have aroused both tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Everyone who buys a bracelet has an emotional attachment to its engraved message. 

Carolyn Lyle // Mall Of Georgia (Atlanta GA)

The bracelets are the best selling item in our store. 

Potential Church (Miami FL)

We sold over $19,000 in one weekend at the #1 Christian music festival in the country. What a ride!

William Douglas // Creation Fest Vendor (PA)

Inspire Me Bracelets sell like hot cakes here in Nashville. They easily fly off the shelf. So fun to offer a classic product that is also so original and unique.

Alex Gonzalez // Opry Mills Mall (Nashville TN)