We Need A Miracle.

Hello to all our amazing Family (#InspirationNation) here at Inspire Me Bracelets.

Thank you for taking the time to open this email and find out what is going on here at Inspire Me Bracelets.  This is a truly once in a lifetime experience that the world is going through and Inspire Me Bracelets is experiencing the same challenges so many are going through. 

I wanted to use this time to join together and ask for help to keep Inspire Me Bracelets going. 

In 2017 Inspire Me Bracelets started in our living room making bracelets that would give people hope and faith in times that seemed hopeless. When we started Inspire Me Bracelets, we started with nothing, but we had a vision to spread our message around the world.  Since then we have sent half a million bracelets around the world. It has truly been a miracle to see the lives changed and the impact our bracelets have had in people’s everyday lives. We have made it through a lot of challenges, but none like the one we are going through now.  We are continuing to walk in faith as we know God will lead us.  I encourage everyone to read the 23rd Psalm.  It really shows what is happening now. God is leading us to still waters. Even if we are in the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because he comforts me. Check out the whole verse on our website.

As many of you know, small businesses are being hit hard. For us we have 21 stores in shopping malls and 103 employees that have all been shut down because of this pandemic. We have been told that we will still have to pay for April and May rent for us to be able to reopen.  That is over $140,000 we owe in rent, not counting payroll and inventory supplies. We have over $200,000 in operating costs to cover to be able to reopen Inspire Me Bracelets.  Being closed has taken away 95% of our sales in March and April and we just found out that Government Funding is only covering 25% of rent expenses.  Saying all this…..we need a miracle to happen. 

Our prayer is to re-open all our stores once this has passed. To do that we need to have the best 2 weeks we have ever had in online sales.  We need to have a week bigger than Black Friday. This is why we are ASKING for help.  If we can bring the Inspiration Nation together and all of us get 1 bracelet to inspire someone you know during this time, we can make it out. Tell your friends and family and let’s get everyone wearing an Inspire Me Bracelet. Screen shot the picture in this email and tag us in your stories, posts and texts.

Our world needs Inspire Me Bracelets now more than ever to remind ourselves that WE will win, WE will get through this challenge and make it to the other side. The bracelet I have been wearing is “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” and “Be Still and Know that HE is God”. Every day I wake up and say these scriptures to myself.  I believe in the words that are on our bracelets and everyday they Inspire Me.  Now let’s spread bracelets around the world this Easter and let them Inspire the World!!!

Thank you for being a part of our story and mission,


Doug and Ashley

Founders of Inspire Me Bracelets



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  • Anne

    Just bought two! Praying for God’s provision in your time of need. I love your ministry – and your bracelets.

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