Man Do I Need Some Inspiration

Man I Need Some Inspiration

Here is a thought, how far would you go to be inspired? Think about it people go on sabbaticals, hang out with monks, move away, get tattoos, quit their jobs, and try new theologies all to be inspired. We all want to be inspired: inspired to try something new, follow our dreams, to create art, and to be a better person. There are so many self-help books, conferences, podcasts, and many other things that are suppose to help inspire us.

This company stems from the idea that constant encouragement and positivity can inspire us. We want to genuinely inspire you. Sadly, not all of us have the luxury to go on a sabbatical but I genuinely believe these bracelets can inspire you just as much. There is something about looking down at your wrist and reading that you will not fail because god is within you that just gives me strength. If you read or say something over and over then soon enough you will believe it. Our thoughts can either give us life or death. These bracelets can help change your thoughts.

Welcome to our blog here at Inspire Me Bracelets.

My hope for you is to be inspired to go after what cripples you with fear. My hope is for you to be inspired to write that book, paint that masterpiece, or write that song. My hope for you is to be inspired to start that new revolutionary business. My hope for you is to be inspired to create change. My hope for you is to be inspired to just be better and do better.

Now, we all need to be inspired. We all need to grow and change. It is important to stay being inspired and let the inspiration give you passion and drive.  I am so excited to go on this journey of being inspired with you. Be inspired to just simply be inspired. Look for inspiration in every chance you get.

Every week we will post a new blog to help continue to inspire you and your everyday life. The topic for each blog post will come from the sayings on our bracelets. So when you order a bracelet you can also get a blog post that goes with that bracelet. Hopefully, some extra encouragement and positivity can come from this blog.

Thanks for visiting and see y’all next time.



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